The Quarantine Ugly Face Contest

Rules and Rubric

The Rules
1. No Photoshop or other form editing your entry. Filters are permitted but please keep this to a minimum. Any photoshoped pictures will be rejected and you are allowed one redo.
2. No artificial props allowed, i.e. glasses(unless you wear them), hats, wigs, face-painting, etc.
3. Everyone that is competing in the competition is allowed to submit three votes. Vote for the face that you feel follows the rubric and captures the essence of the competition. You may spread them to different people or all for one person.
4. You cannot vote for yourself.
5. Do not discuss who you are voting for with anyone in the competition until all of the voting is completed. In the unlikely event that a tie occurs, you will be notified and asked to revote between the tied entries.

The Rubric

As we are all trying to ‘appeal’ to one another with our entry, it is important that we are clear on what it means to have a high quality ugly face. Why didn't I get placed in the last contest? How do we get more votes? Consider these guidelines while you are creating your faces.

* You will be exercising many muscles in your face and neck that most likely have not been challenged before. It is normal to feel some soreness in your face for a while after you've been practicing. Just know that means you are doing it right!

Submitting an Entry

If you are ready to submit your best ugly face to the contest, we ask that you send us your name and contact information via the "Contact Us" link on the home page. So, once you reach out to us, we will review the rules and guidelines with you and answer any of your questions. After that you will be provided the link to upload your photos, original face and entry face. We look forward to another great time competing.